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Castle Farm Holidays Winter Preperations 2

Winter is here at Castle Farm Holidays Pembrokeshire

October sees the closing of the caravan site for the winter and the opportunity for us to have a short holiday ourselves. Whilst it’s nice to get away for a few days, it’s always lovely to return to beautiful Pembrokeshire.
The work on the farm doesn’t stop when the caravan site closes though. There is always some maintenance and odd-jobs to be done.
This year we’ve been busy getting the sheds ready for our winter guests – some of our neighbour’s organic dairy cows who graze with us over the summer. They will be “lodging” with us over the winter months and hopefully they will be as comfy here as our guests who visit the caravans in the summer. (Although the bovine accommodation may possibly be on the more basic side!)
Castle Farm Holidays Winter Preperations 2
Once they are all snug and settled, it will give us a chance to visit some of the many Christmas Fayres and Markets taking place throughout Pembrokeshire where we’ll be able to stock up on gifts and local produce in readiness for the Festive Season.
Pembrokeshire Christmas markets and fairs in 2018
Wendy & Neil – Castle Farm Holidays Pembrokeshire